Neopor Fastening Recommendations

EIFS Fastening Recommendations

Part 1: BEYOND.High Performance®

Part 2: The HP+ Wall System

Part 3: Durability

BASF HP+ Consultative Solution

Learn how BASF engages with builders to develop a forward plan on how to improve building processes in this video

Neopor® in the BASF Environmental Education Classroom & Wildlife Habitat

Neopor® is Innovation in Insulation

Neopor Rigid Thermal Insulation on three different building products

Designing Spaces airing on Lifetime TV

Neopor® - The Science Behind the Innovation

Explains the science and sheer brilliance of the Neopor® - innovation in insulation.

Neopor® - Residential New Construction

Highlights the many benefits of Neopor® insulation in a new home build, including energy efficiency, savings and comfort.